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1. 継続してお住まいをご希望の場合は早めにご確認、お申し込みください。

2. 継続してお住まいをご希望の方で退去日の30日前までにお申込みいただけない場合、空き状況に関わらず、新契約不可となります。 

3. 新契約のお申込は現契約の退去翌日から最低31日以上より承ります。現契約の31日未満の延長については1回のみ可能となります。

 4. 退去日を除く30日前の18時までに新契約のお申込みをいただけない場合又は、退去の遅延にて、お部屋の清掃が予定通り実施できなかった場合、清掃キャンセル費を請求させていただきます。清掃キャンセル費の価格は、お部屋によって異なります。

 5. お部屋の価格は、現在の契約価格と異なる場合があります。

 6. お支払いおよび契約同意期限は、新契約開始月の前月末日より4日前までとなります。なお、新契約開始月の前月末日より4日前を過ぎてお申し込みの方は、支払い期限は新契約予約作成日中となります。

 7. お支払い、契約同意が確認できない場合、新契約はキャンセルとなり退去手続きとさせていただきます。 





[必要書類] 日本にお住まいの日本国籍のお客様

[必要書類] 海外にお住まいの日本国籍のお客様

[必要書類] 日本にお住まいの外国籍のお客様

[Documents] Customers who are living abroad 

No extension is allowed for the Temporary Use Lease Agreement.
If the customer wishes to keep staying at their current property, they will need to sign another lease agreement (new contract).

Please apply from the link below. 


(For corporate customers, please send your inquiry to the designated department.)

* Please check below for the current campaign. (Campaign contents vary depending on the season)


The properties are available for other customers after the current lease period.

1. Please note that property availability is subject to change. 

2. Please note that we will not accept re-booking requests 30 days prior to the current lease end date. 

3. If you wish to extend your stay for more than 31 days please conclude the new contract. Extensions less than 30 days are allowed one time per lease agreement. 

4. Cleaning cancellation fee will be charged in case of delayed move out or any  re-booking request. received after 18pm of 30 days prior to the move out date. 

5. Price is subject to change. 

6. Payment & re-booking agreement must be completed 4 days prior to the previous month end. Payment deadline can be changed at the time of reservation. 

7. Your booking will be automatically cancelled if payment & agreement is not completed and we will request to move-out as per the initial agreement.

When you make a new contract, you will need to submit your ID again.

You may be required additional documents in addition to the ones you have submitted before.

Please check the related FAQs below for more information.

■Related FAQs

[必要書類] 日本にお住まいの日本国籍のお客様

[必要書類] 海外にお住まいの日本国籍のお客様

[必要書類] 日本にお住まいの外国籍のお客様

[Documents] Customers who are living abroad