1. OYO LIFEのウェブサイトよりお申込み下さい。

  2. 弊社にて空室確認、本人確認書類確認~審査完了次第、お支払いリンクをメールでご連絡致します。

  3. お支払い完了後、契約締結のご案内をご連絡致します。契約締結を完了して頂きますと、正式に登録が完了となります。

  4. ご入居日前日の18時までに、入居のご案内および鍵情報をメールでご連絡いたします。(※例外あり)

  5. ご入居日当日は、物件詳細ページの「予約に関して」に記載がございます入居可能時間をご参照頂き、ご入居下さい。(※前日までに送付されます入居案内メールに別の時間の指定がある場合は、そちらに従ってください。)

  6. ご退去時は、ご案内のメールに沿って所定の時間までにセルフチェックフォームのご提出と鍵のご返却をお願い致します。

  1. Create a booking through OYO website.

  2. All the customers are subjected to a compulsory identity verification.
    Those who successfully passed the screening test will receive an email with the payment link.
    Please note that tentative booking will only be valid for 72 hours from the time of booking creation.
    ※Depending on the property and the result of your ID screening, applying to a guarantee company is mandatory. In that case, we will temporarily hold the property and send you a payment link by email after the ID screening. Please note that if you do not pay within 24 hours after you receive your payment link, the temporary holding of the property will be canceled.

  3. The tentative bookings will be confirmed once the customer makes the initial payment and agrees to the Lease agreement.

  4. The move-in and key information emails will be sent to customers by 6 PM on the day before your lease start date.
    ※There may be some exceptions.

  5. Please refer to the Overview "予約に関して" on the property details page for check-in and check-out time.
    ※In case the move-in email which is sent the day before your lease start date shows other time range for check-in, please follow it.

  6. The move-out instruction will be sent by email. 
    Please submit the self check-out form and return the key by following the instruction and complete move-out by the designated check-out time.