OYO LIFEではご入居の際に、お客様ご自身で簡単にお部屋の状態のチェックを行なっていただいております。 



入居チェックフォーム: https://oyolife.typeform.com/to/PVcMwG 




OYO LIFE asks all customers to check the current condition of the room when moving in. 

Please complete the form from the link below within 7 days after your check-in.


We will check the condition of the room after you move out based on the photos sent with this form. 

Please understand that we will use our photos as criteria to assess the room if we do not receive the completed form.

※If there is any problems with the form, please contact us here.

※This form is to check the condition of the room when you move in. If you need any repair or exchange, please contact us here.