一例としてお客様の過去のご利用状況から 通信量が特に多いと判断された場合、特定のコンテンツやサービスで


については、安定したサービスをご利用いただくために 通信速度の制限を実施する場合があります。



The communication speed of Wi-Fi may change depending on the communication environment, each device, area, time, line congestion, data usage, and sometimes the connection might get cut.

As an example, when the amount of communication is particularly high based on the past usage of a customer, or there is a large amount of communication for a specific contents, or the usage is concentrated in a specific area, 

the communication speed may be restricted for stable service.

If it is the embedded type, we will report to the property management company.

If the connection speed is very slow, please contact us here.